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We are an international firm based in Denmark consisted by English speaking IT experts that wants to serve you and your company in the best possible way. We do it by providing you consultancy in digital solutions in order your company to grow through IT technological automations and services. In the age of digital interaction, automation and artificial intelligence, Logos Growth ApS consultants provides digital solutions to companies of almost any field. The background of our staff and partners is that of Master Degree and specialization in different fields of expertise such as Computer Science, Information Systems, IT and Networks, Software Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications, Digital Marketing.

Our Vision

To serve and help companies of any scale  to achieve growth on a global marketplace through digital strategic planning and application.

Our Core Values

Teamwork: Together everyone achieve more, and success go hand-in-hand.

Excellence: High quality service and continuous improvement.

Integrity: Honesty at each level, open communication and true professionalism

drive success.

Dedication: Each member is committed to the success to the best of his


Logos Growth ApS
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